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IT Support Solely for Health Care Professionals and Practices.

We want to help you maximize patient care and productivity through technology.


Here at Vital IT, we are different.

We have unparalleled experience, a desire to make a difference, and the ability to do so.

We started our careers in Enterprise IT. Mainly HealthCare and Hospital IT support. We bring that knowledge and level of understanding to the table when helping you build and implement time and money saving process for your practice.

EMRs, PACS, Clinical

We have experience with numerous IT systems that are specific to HealthCare. We are more than your typical IT team, we have worked in clinical environments for years.

Check in, Check Out

Your check in, check out, and scheduling process is key to your clinic flow. We can leverage processes we have learned and technologies we have implemented to make this process quick and efficient.

IT Support, Uptime

Yes we do offer the absolute best IT support for your business. We have supported over 100 practices and with that experience we understand how to make your systems run! Uptime and responsiveness is the key to productivity.


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What is a Cybersecurity audit?

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